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"Pat is so full of knowledge and wisdom that I could listen to her talk all day! Taking Pat's Reiki classes has opened my eyes to so many possibilities. I am looking forward to continuing my "education" with Pat whether it be Reiki or some other type of Spiritual Development. I think she's wonderful!" ~SP

"You are what you think" – “Pat Garry and Carolyn Wallace's Spiritual

Marketing class taught me to create profound, positive changes in my life just by changing my thoughts. How simple, yet so powerful..."


I appreciate many things about Pat's coaching and nudging, but what I appreciate most is her acceptance of wherever I happen to be on my path on any given day. I can experience the good, the bad and the ugly in the space of 5 nanoseconds, but Pat has helped me to accept all of the experience and myself in the process. That support for self acceptance is a great gift, because things can get pretty crazy on the planetary path and, frankly, I need all the help I can get.


you may, with my blessing, use excerpts from any email that i have sent to you for your web pages. my only request is that you do me a huge favor and correct the spelling/grammatical errors before you publish them :-o

i know that my spiritual growth would have limped along at a tortoise pace for years if i had not met you. your calm and abiding guidance has been the touchstone of a spiritual explosion - shattering limiting ideas on every front and encouraging me to hear that small voice that is cheering for me to be more, do more and dream more.

a voice that is amplified to un-ignorable proportions by you and the collection of people i have encountered in your classes. good thing i decided to finally listen!


> Please sign me up for second degree reiki on Feb 6, 13 & 20th. I also

wanted to say thank you! I got pregnant three days after you gave me my

first reiki treatment! My doctor couldn't believe I got pregnant without

taking ovulation medicine. I am due July 29th and I'm really excited - I

know it wouldn't have happened without you! I look forward to the next

class. I hope you holidays were wonderful.

> Sarah Hoffer January 2005


Hi Pat, thought I'd let you know after Linda and I saw you on March 8th, I had an ultrasound done on my gallbladder on 3/18 (doctor said it was twice the size it should be so he wanted a closer look see.)

Well not anymore, my ultrasound results came back normal - size of gallbladder is now normal with no visible signs of stones either.

Linda and I have been using our first degree skills and with your 'touch' on the 8th(thank you so much!!) my lovely organ is restored to good health. I am following a gallbladder diet right now just to 'give it a break' because it still feels a little tender but I'll be working on that too.

Think this story is equivalent to the cavity story –

Thank you so much for the new certificate. I bought a frame for it and hung it on the wall yesterday. I am about three-quarters of the way through the Reiki book, and I can tell this is one I will be reading many times over. I read it for about 10 minutes every morning while I'm eating breakfast, so I'm taking it in small daily doses. I find myself uncrossing my arms and legs all the time for better flow. I let my intuition tell me what to wear in the morning. When I bang my knee on the desk at work, I automatically put my hands on it right afterward to remove the pain. I read the Reiki principles every day. I love it!

Honestly, I have always been very good at listening to and following my instincts, but lately it has been enhanced, more on a conscious level, as if listening to a voice rather than moving in the direction of a feeling, if that makes sense, and I know it's Reiki. Here's a perfect example. I always take a walk downtown during my lunch hour, in almost any weather, and lately I've been getting a little guidance. The other day, I specifically heard a voice in my head telling me to walk through TJ Maxx into Carew Tower. I thought why? Just do it. So I did. Nothing jumped out at me and, as I got within a few steps of the exit from the store, I wondered huh? what was that about? No sooner had I thought the question than my eyes went to the wall at my left, where they had displayed an array of framed artwork. I had never noticed this section of the store before. My eyes were drawn magnetically to a 12" square bas relief of a fleur-de-lis with other raised emblems framed in a 16" square of old dark wood. It was very old looking, slightly scratched up and a little decrepit-looking, and it was beautiful. For 3 years, I've been searching for the perfect thing to hang above my upper mantle over the fireplace in my living room, and this was it. I had to have it, and I didn't care what it cost. But get this, I pull it down from the wall, turn it over, and the price is only $16.99. Wait, it gets better. My inner voice says I could probably get a discount because of the scratches, even though I'm thinking the scratches are part of its charm and beauty. Still, it doesn't hurt to ask, so I did, and they dropped it down to $12, just like that. And yes, I did remember to thank the universe for that one.

By the way, I'm delighted that you want to keep and maybe use my testimonial. Isn't that fantastic? I've never been so happy at the dentist's office in my life!

Ever since I changed jobs and met all of you, my life is good, and I want to keep the momentum going. I'm also very interested in Second Degree Reiki.

I was walking in the clouds the rest of the day Saturday. Thank you for holding them til I get back into the area. I'll call you when that happens (probably this weekend sometime)

Saturday night had the sensation of having so much energy in my arms and hands (below the elbow) that I should go 'heal' something or somebody to relieve the pressure. Also got the headache, and the other side effects you mentioned. Though, wasn't sure if the symptoms were due to the Attunement or the wine I drank, with my dinner, to celebrate my Attunement .... both probably since it had been a while since I've had wine.

Thank you so much for helping me with such a divine moment in my life. Looking forward to April!

Dear Mystical Tours Friends & Psychics,

In October, I had a dental problem with a poorly fitted crown and a cavity underneath it, which required a grueling procedure to correct. I scheduled it for January, and then went on the Psychic Cruise in December. I didn't mention it to anyone or complain about it in any way. On the ship, I participated in three psychic healings: the medicine wheel rejuvenation and two Reiki healings from two different Reiki Masters. In January, I went to the dentist for the dreaded procedure, but it had become unnecessary. A new x-ray showed that not only was the cavity completely gone, but the crown fit better. The dentist found it hard to believe when I told him of the psychic healings the month before, but he couldn't deny the proof in the x-rays. His assistant leaned over and asked me in a whisper not to tell their other patients about this because it could be bad for business. I just laughed. Thank you Mystical Tours!

From Donna in Kentucky