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A three-part series, during which we discover together what life on Earth was like when the Goddess reigned 100,000 years ago, what happened when the patriarchy deliberately destroyed Her image 4,000 to 6,000 years ago, and Her re-emergence today.

Through a guided meditation, we will each meet our personal Goddess and receive a gift from Her. We will explore how Her energy can work in our lives, and how She can be a role model for us.

Goddesses are wonderful and useful in our lives. The Goddess can help us see ourselves more clearly. She can be a role model, a way show-er.

When our lives are out of balance, we can consider Goddesses who know how to be powerful and centered, who can show us how to make our own choices and move forward in our lives.

Other topics include the old calendar, when June 21 really was Midsummer; the first Trinity of Maiden, Mother and Crone; how the power of the Goddess is working through us all; and the fact that the Goddess is not just a female God.

Both our left brained logical selves and our right brained holistic and intuitive selves will be engaged during the sessions, as we grow on our spiritual journeys.

Diana, the Roman Goddess of the hunt, can teach us about taking care of ourselves, providing for our own needs, as She strides through the woods, beautiful and graceful, with Her own bow and Her dog.