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Class 1

Welcome and Introductions

Questions anytime........

Why and how did each of us come to be here for this class? What has drawn us to learn more about our own Sacred Feminine? What do we each hope to get from this gathering?

Patricia’s own experience of the Goddess and how I have grown during that journey over time

Guided Meditation to meet our own personal Goddess and receive a gift from Her....

Sharing our meditation experiences with each other


Class II

How has it been this past week, thinking about the Goddess? What has begun to change in each of our lives?

Researching our own Goddess, to find Her name if She didn’t tell us, to find the significance of the gift She presented, to learn more about Her and Her history

Sharing those learnings with each other
What are some ways we can incorporate those learnings into our healing and our lives?

Let’s ask our Goddess for a dream during the coming week....


Class III

Have we had any dreams? Did the Goddess specifically appear? Let’s talk about those dreams.....

How has our thinking continued to change? Has our role model Goddess presented us with new ideas? Are any of us beginning to act differently in our daily lives?

A Guided Meditation to ask our Goddess how She will stay present in our lives, and to ask for another gift