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What is Reiki? Translated, Reiki means Universal Life Force. What happens when it’s used? Healing energy is passed through one person into another. Who is a Reiki therapist? An ordinary human being who has received training and an Attunement that allows this energy to come through their hands into others. No massage, no accupressure - just the hands on the part that hurts.

Reiki is particularly effective with physical trauma, so it’s great to learn Reiki when you have children. The bump begins to reduce quickly, the twisted ankle is just fine the next morning. Cuts stop bleeding and begin to heal. Reiki is also calming, which is so helpful with trauma.

The least that happens in a Reiki treatment is that people being treated relax profoundly, and lose any headache and tension. Their color brightens up, and they experience a more optimistic mood and increased physical energy. They report having the best night’s sleep they’ve had in years. Everybody feels better after just a few minutes of Universal Energy pumping into their physical structure.

The most that can happen is that a physical illness lets go, dissolves, disappears.

What happens in an average treatment session is somewhere in the middle. The sinus headache leaves, the infection clears up - but since it’s a chronic condition that took a long time to develop, one shot probably isn’t going to fix it. Besides, sinus problems usually involve allergies which usually involve the immune system, all of which needs to be brought back into balance.

Three classes are offered: