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First Degree Reiki Class Outline

Taught in three 2 – hour sessions


Class Format Questions anytime......

  • Class 1 History, information, demonstration, preparation for Attunement
  • Class 2 Questions / discussion, hand positions, Attunement
  • Class 3 Discussion of Attunement, practice on teacher, each other, and working as a group (ooooooh, it is so good!), presentation of certificates

    Self - Introductions - Why I’m Interested in Reiki..... my knowledge and experience of Reiki and any other alternative healing methods.... and why I chose this particular book...

    History of Reiki - Tibetan / Japanese roots to present day

    General info - first degree, second degree, Master, 21 day cleansing

    Demonstration / Healing session with each person

    Heating up - rise and fall of energy
    Various positions - full session
    Body systems and release
    Putting your hands where it hurts

    Discussion and preparation for Attunement

    A little practice, questions and discussion....