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Three 2 - hour sessions
Class I - Welcome!

Class Format and housekeeping - Questions Any Time...

  • Class I What is Tarot? How Does It Work? Minor Arcana explained and with handout
  • Class 2 Major Arcana explained and with handout
  • Class 3 Layouts and Practice Readings with handout

Self Introductions, with discussion of everyone’s deck and book choices. Patricia has nearly 40 decks, which are passed around for all to see.

What is Tarot? How does it work?

  • Practical Assistance what The Universe thinks you need to know right how, and how it’s going to turn out if you keep going this way - so you can change it if you’d like!
  • A bit of history how / why I think it works: my lake theory, channel/ tunnel building
  • Ideas / issues reversed cards, context, the story, usually not one meaning all the time
  • Easy way to learn pick one card and ask “what should I keep in mind today?”
  • Arcana the Tarot deck of 78 cards contains 22 Major Arcana and 78 Minor Arcana
  • Minor Arcana the everyday issues, all the suit cards and court cards, this is the basis for the common deck of cards
  • Major Arcana the important and universal issues are presented here, major life lessons, changes of direction

Homework draw one card every day, read about it in your book, pay attention to how it is reflected in the day


Class II - Welcome!

Going around the room:

  • What did you learn from drawing your card every day?
  • Any patterns in terms of suits or numbers? Any repetition?
  • How did you feel about the various cards?

Now let’s talk about the Major Arcana, going through them one by one, and passing them around the room.

Homework Drawing one card each day, just from the 22 Major Arcana



Class III - Welcome!

Questions from last week’s work with the Major Arcana? How did your homework with the Majors go? Which cards showed up most often?

Each suit becomes a path, the Major Arcana are another path, the Celtic Cross layout is yet another path. The Path itself teaches you as the connections appear from step to step. So we don’t have to worry about the next step, or what’s around the curve up ahead.

And let’s talk a bit about other kinds of cards - Medicine cards, and other non-Tarot decks which provide guidance and support.

Layouts and Readings meditatively

Your book will have many suggestions, some of them like these, some of them using the particular strengths of your deck. Do them as lightly as you can, without anxiety, for the best results.

Daily Card Drawing meditatively carrying it through the day....

What Should I Keep in Mind Today? Maybe what’s going to happen, maybe what my attitude should be... you’ll know at the end of the day!

3 Card Layouts

Laid out from left to right and read that way. Cards can be shuffled and picked from the top, or can be intuitively picked from any part of the deck.

You can also use these layouts while focused on a particular problem or situation, asking for a solution or suggestions.

Past, Present, Future

What’s the Issue? What Should I Do About It / or Keep in Mind? What’s the Outcome?

The Classic - The Celtic Cross

This is a really ancient layout for divination/readings, perhaps 100,000 years old, and was done with sticks and bones long before playing cards existed.